After a lovely meal at Joey K’s, we walked a block down Magazine Street to Sucre for dessert. There is much to choose from–do you want sorbet or gelato? Chocolate? Baked goods like cupcakes, king cake and eclairs?

I went for the eclair. Lovely dark chocolate and a vanilla custard that was luscious on the tongue. Very much tasted like more.


Michelle had the chocolate gelato and Wesley got the Americana Sundae – sponge cake and berry sauce with whipped cream and a macaron on top. The gelato was silky and light on the tongue.


Julie enjoyed the red velvet cupcake, with a hidden cache of cream inside. She didn’t think she was going to finish it but, not being a quitter, she persevered to the very last bite.


While everything is quite pricey, the desserts are handcrafted and incredibly delicious. I’m looking forward to my once a year indulgence of a Sucré King Cake.

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