Michelle and I went up to the Lakeview area to meet up with a friend of mine at Susan Spicer’s restaurant, Mondo. It was a cold and gray day, so I started with a hot buttered rum. It brought a warmth in my belly that spread to my fingers and toes.


Next up was their brocolli and parmesan soup. Thick and creamy, it was a lovely starter. I wasn’t a big fan of the croutons in soup as they didn’t add much but sogginess. Easy enough to eat around them, though.

broccoli parmesan soup

I finally decided on the Mondo burger (called one of the ten best in New Orleans last year by the Times Picayune). Juicy with lots of cheese and grilled onions, this was a big burger. Loved the fries, too.

mondo burger

Michelle ordered the high class grilled cheese off the daily specials menu. The quince added a hint of sweet to balance the strong cheeses. The bread was well buttered before grilling, so it was rich and crunchy. This was a very good sandwich.

grilled cheese

Mickie’s pepperoni, onion, garlic and jalapeno pizza was delicious. They have their own wood fired pizza oven and it did a great job. Perfect thin crust with a hint of chew, the thin slices of garlic and onion softened and sweetened and the heat from the meat and pepper was just right.


The meal finished with the lemon tart. Terrific lemon flavored balanced by blackberries.

lemon tartThe servers were very friendly and knowledgeable, helping guide us through the menu and brining food and refills quickly. There is a very wide selection on the menu, so there will always be something for everyone. Worth the trip.

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