I went with a friend to Boucherie tonight. From the refreshing Pimms cup that started the evening to the bacon brownie that ended it, it was a terrific night out. They began our evening by serving an amuse bouche that was cold noodles and a little spicy heat (I’m ignoring the tofu in it). Not too bad. Our small plates were the blackened shrimp and grit cake and the grit fries with collard greens. I generally avoid greens but these, with or without the house made vinegar, were mighty tasty.

Main courses were duck breast with duck cracklings and smokey black eyed peas and wagyu beef brisket with garliky parmesan french fries. Yummy. The meats were perfectly done and could be cut with a fork.

We ended with the chili chocolate chess pie and the aforementioned bacon brownie. Lots of warmth with the pie and the bacon was well integrated with the brownie for a smoothy salty/smokey flavor in every bite.

I’d definitely make plans to eat here. Their contemporary Southern cuisine is simply delicious.


Crescent Pie and Sausage

I had lunch today with LPO (Lesbians Plus One), a small group of women that I met through my activism with the Forum for Equality. We get together as regularly as we can for lunches at various spots around the city and talk about life, politics and anything else under the sun.

This time we went to Crescent Pie and Sausage. This small, Mid City restaurant is next door to Huevos and is owned by the same guys. They make their own sausage and Ricotta and even potato chips.

We started with the sample of one of their sausages–chorizo–that was quite tasty but a little salty. One person got the BLT pizza (roasted tomatos, bacon, spinach pesto, and cheddar) and it was absolutely amazing. It is true what they say about bacon making everything better, even pizza. Another got some of the meat pies. I only tasted the crawfish but it was quite good, with lots of meat and a flaky crust. I didn’t get a taste of the Panzanella Salad but the one who ordered it was a member of the clean plate club. I had the bratwurst sandwich with pickled cabbage. I liked every bit of it, including the mustard and parmesan potato chips. Next time, I’ll have to save room for a root beer float.

At about $22 per person it is a little pricey for lunch everyday but the portions are large and delicious. If you go, plan on standing outside and breathe in the air from the hickory smoker and be patient with the single waitress working the floor. It is worth the time.