grilling picI am an army brat who has lived in locales as diverse as Germany, Georgia and Greece. My years with Borders Books and Music had me managing stores in Maryland and California. When I left the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to my family, I settled in New Orleans two years before the post-Katrina levee breaks flooded my home.

I’ve driven across the United States three times and spent time in twenty-nine states, most of Europe and parts of Australia, the Middle East and Mexico. Many of the places I have been and the things I have done have found their way into my writing.

My first novel, Unbroken Circle, explores what some of those experiences have taught me about the meaning of home. My second novel, Crash Stop, examines what it means to be given a second chance. My third novel, In the Midst of Tribulation, follows a group of survivors as they search for a safe haven as the world falls apart. My fourth novel, Bitter Heart, is a science fiction story about a young woman who finds unlikely allies as she flees the invaders of her home world.

I co-own a consulting firm that focuses on non-profits and serve on several non-profit Boards. I am the past Chair of a statewide LGBT equality organization, Forum For Equality. When I am not advocating for social change, I am exploring the food life of New Orleans and finding new things to write about.


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