Surrey’s Cafe – Lower Garden

We had a big day planned for today, so we decided to start with a good breakfast. I hadn’t been to the Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar in the Lower Garden District, so we headed over there. After a brief 15 minute wait for a table, we were inside and ready to order.

My Dad ordered the Banana’s Foster Stuffed French Toast–perfectly cooked with a little crust on the outside, soft center, and a lovely praline syrup. My Mom had the Irish Stuffed French Toast with Bailey’s and cream cheese. Quite excellent. I went with the shrimp and grits and the spice level was perfect. I really loved the rosemary in the grits, it was a very nice touch. The biscuit was a little on the heavy side and I would have preferred some local honey or jelly for it but the meal was otherwise very good and filling.

Surrey’s – Uptown

Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar has opened another shop past Napoleon in Uptown. There is seating outside to watch the passing cars on Magazine but, frankly, it is a little warm to eat outside in New Orleans.

Going in will find you eating with students, off call medics from Touro and Oschner and a few of those ladies who lunch. Surrey’s serves all sorts of great breakfast foods from omelette’s to fritattas to shrimp and grits but they also serve one of my favorite things–fried chicken and waffles. The fried boneless breast of chicken has a bit of cayenne in the seasoning to give it a little bite and they serve both maple syrup and Steen’s cane syrup with the thick but light waffles. The plate also comes with two eggs and so you leave very, very full.

My dining companion got lost and arrived almost 45 minutes late, so I got to watch plenty of what other people were eating. I might have to try the BLT (bacon just hanging out of the bread) or the Ponchatula French Toast (stuffed with strawberries and cream cheese) next time.