Bowzer’s Pizza in Alameda

We took a little drive last night over to Alameda, a small island in the SF Bay adjacent to Oakland. We made the drive because all of us were craving pizza and Bowzer’s Pizza is worth going out of your way for.

As you can see, there wasn’t much left:

The crust was New York style thin and cooked to perfection and the toppings were plentiful and high quality from local vendors. The cheese was just gooey enough and the sauce wasn’t too sweet. The slices totally hit the bullseye!

Despite all the TV’s in the place turned to Disney Channel, there weren’t that many children in the place and those that were present were accompanied by adults and pretty well behaved.

13 Bar and Restaurant

13 on Frenchman is the perfect place to go for good bar food and a well stocked bar. It is the week of St. Patrick’s and I decided to support the Irish and fill the craving for pizza that I’ve been enduring for the past few days. It is just down the street from where I was volunteering, so I ordered one of their personal 10″ pizzas for pickup. Thin crust, peppery sauce, lots of cheese and made in less than 15 minutes–it totally hit the spot.

Rotolo’s Pizzeria

I took a break from work the other day to go up to the Rotolo’s Pizzeria on Rampart street with a couple of Forum For Equality Board members and the new Managing Director (she’s replacing me). This was my first time at this Louisiana chain–they’re mainly in the Baton Rouge area but they’re expanding into the Greater New Orleans area.

Billed as the “Official Pizza of the New Orleans Saints,” our large pizza was loaded with fresh ingredients–we had pepperoni, onions, mushrooms and extra cheese on our pie. The onion slices were large so you got more of an onion taste than the specks of diced onion some chains try to pass off to their customers. The pizza crust was nice and chewy and it stood up to the toppings. The rest of the diners enjoyed the Cesar salad and the BBQ chicken wrap was big in size and flavor.

This place was great for lunch service as the pizza was delivered quickly to the table. The service was excellent upstairs with fast refills on the drinks.

Reginelli’s Pizzeria

My parents were in town last week and we spent the majority of the days working to whittle down a list of chores. On two of the nights, too tired to go out to any of the restaurants on my wish list, we ordered pizza for delivery.

Reginelli’s Pizzeria is my first choice for pizza in New Orleans. I like Louisiana Pizza Kitchen and Theo’s to go out to but for convenience and a wholly satisfying slice of pie, Reginelli’s can’t be beat. The delivery time is usually 35 to 45 minutes and the hand tossed pizza crust is chewy, the sauce is flavorful and the toppings fresh. I’m not much of a salad fan but the Ceasar is darn tasty.