New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Company

At St. Charles and Milan, Cannon’s has been replaced with a local chain. The New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company has opened up its first New Orleans location and they’ve done a good job. The interior is quirky with interesting chandeliers and artwork on the walls that don’t have humongous televisions. The food is a mix of typical Nawlins fare plus the burgers and seafood of the name. It also doesn’t hurt that the establishment is within walking distance of my house.

Last week I had their beignets–they have an attached cafe called New Orleans Coffee and Beignet Co. They were very good and sure beat having to fight for a parking space in the French Quarter. I love that they put a shaker of powdered sugar on the table, as if the mountain on the plate isn’t enough.

The burgers are juicy and delicious and the roast beef poboy took 12 napkins, making it pretty high on the scale of deliciousness. The garlic aioli on the french fries was killer.

I got in there with some friends before noon and the place was empty when we ordered. By the time our meal was done and the Saints pregame show started, the place was packed.

The staff was friendly and attentive and I will definitely head back there for another meal (or six).