Maya’s Restaurant

I was at Maya’s recently for the Annual Meeting of the Forum For Equality, an organization of which I’m the Deputy Political Director. The owners are supportive of our work and let us use their upstairs room for our meetings.

I really like their white sangria but they weren’t serving it that night, so I went for the margarita instead. Nice and tasty and it sure took the edge off the meeting! I tasted a friend’s mojito and it was as good as I make at home with the addition of a piece of sugar cane. The food they serve is Latin fusion–primarily Honduran and Cuban, with a little Caribbean thrown in for good measure. I was off to another meeting after this one, so I just enjoyed the appetizers. The house sauce is good and the empanadas were nice and spicy.

It is a little high end for my usual budget but when you want more than just a burrito or taco, give Maya’s a try.