Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant

A block from my office is Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant. You might have seen the place on YouTube when Drew Brees was teaching the crowd his pre-game motivational chant or when Scott Fujita had his going away party. In any event, it isn’t just a football bar. Its a good place to hang after work and to eat during the day. Friday nights sees the party spill onto the sidewalks but they usually have a grill or crawfish boiling going on outside to handle the crowd.

The lunch menu is filled with a wild mix of California/Baja favorites and local flavor. The Juicy burger is big and loaded, there are a ton of sprouts on the Turkey burger and the Shrimp poboy definitely doesn’t skimp on the shrimp.

The drink menu is fun with a free shark for those bold enough to order the Shark Attack and lots of tequila and rum varieties.