Cure – New Orleans Cocktail Bar

Lively Freret Street is not just for dinner anymore. These days, along the busy street can be found a number of cool nightspots like Cure, a New Orleans Cocktail Bar.

They do make it difficult to find, though. There is no sign and the street number (4905) is a bit hard to read when navigating the narrow street and busy traffic. I only had to go around the block once and then I luckily scored a great parking place.

I arrived just as they opened and found a great seat, although it did face a humongous poster of a bug. As they didn’t decorate with an insect theme, I’m not sure why it was there but, whatever. Within 20 minutes, the bar was full and by six o’clock on a Friday evening all the other seats were taken and people were standing in the center aisle. Quite the happening place!

I started with the server recommended tequila based cocktail with an orange peel that was a nice combination with which to end the work week. For nibbles, I ordered  the Moroccan spiced nuts appetizer. Unfortunately, there were a lot of walnuts in the mix and my mild allergy kicked in so I wasn’t able to enjoy it fully.

My friend arrived and barely glanced at the menu before ordering a champagne cocktail. We quickly got down to brass tacks and, in no time at all, we finished our discussion of board business and were able to think about refills and food options. 
She ordered the Shrimp and Snapper Ceviche served with sourdough crisps that looked very good. 
I was still full from lunch, so instead of ordering a small plate, I went straight for dessert. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Layer cake with a glass of Tawny Port. It was a moist, dark cake with a nice frosting that tasted like it had a hint of bourbon. I did eat the candied pecans but left the apple slices on the plate.

The server was very busy but she still made enough trips around our area that we never had to look for her. She was knowledgeable of the menu and made good recommendations.

Very much a cool place to wind down from work. A bit hip and trendy but the cocktail and wine selection means that there is a drink for every taste.