The Butch Cookbook Now Available At Bella!

I’m pleased to report that Bella Books has now put the Butch Cookbook on sale. I’ve got three recipes in this book as do several of my friends. It is a funny, touching and informative book with some darn fine chow inside.

Follow this link to Bella Distribution’s online store!

The Butch Cookbook Goes To the Movies

From Sue Hardesty:

Our cookbook goes to the movies. Appearing in The Perfect Family motion picture, the Butch Cook book has a cameo scene when the mother (Kathleen Turner) picks up the Butch Cook book and looks at her pregnant lesbian daughter (Emily Deschanel) for an explanation. The movie is due out this winter. Don’t miss it!

butch cookbook perfect family

Please remind all your friends who wish to purchase the Butch Cook book, the website is Also the butch cook book is on Bella Books in Paperback-here.

The Butch Cookbook

butchcookbkWhile this blog is primarily going to be for restaurant reviews and recipes, I will also talk about cookbooks and cooking. Today, I’m going to pimp a cookbook that I’m a contributor to: The Butch Cook Book. Containing lesbian lore and humor, this book shows that there is more to butch cooking than burning stuff on the grill or opening a box of mac and cheese.

There are three of my recipes in the book–Chile Con Carne, Mustard Chicken and Quadruple Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Don’t just take my biased word that this is a fabulous addition to your bookshelves–the book has even been reviewed. Check out what they have to say:

Butch: Its What for Dinner by Dana Rudolph

Beyond Beer Can Chicken by Malinda Lo