Cochon Restaurant

One of my favorite restaurants in the city (and by that, I mean one of the ones I’ve gone to more than twice) is Cochon. I love fire and the open kitchen with fire pit is incredibly attractive but, it is the food that keeps me coming back. The rabbit dumplings were so good, I burned my mouth in my haste to gobble it down. All of the pork dishes are sublime and even the fish was well done.

When the Saints are playing at home, they offer fried chicken for lunch. A wet coating is used that is crisp but just a bit too dense. The chicken itself is juicy and flavorful.

Their sides are pure Southern comfort from the mac and cheese, the creamy grits, the stuffed twice baked potato.

Be sure to go around the corner to the Butcher for high grade cuts of meat and artisan sausages and salamis. Place your special order for rabbit, etc on Wednesday and get it on Friday. One of these days, I will have to try their lunch menu as the sandwiches looked delicious the last time I stopped by.

Oh, and Chef Donald Link’s book Real Cajun is a delightful read. While several of the recipes are a little too involved for most chefs, the love of food comes through. He doesn’t just have pork recipes, although bacon plays a big part in many of them. There are plenty of finds for those who love the simple fare the Cajun’s are known for.