Bella Books Authors Share Real Life Romance

BellaButtonFB-150-blog-1Bella Books authors spend a lot of time thinking about love of every kind — more often than not, romantic love. Romance storytellers, after all, create women who win and keep their lady love’s heart. But is real life anything like a book?

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, Bella Books and Spinsters Ink authors are sharing real life romance in our lives.

Here is a link to my contribution:

Balloons, Roses and Cocoa Rub

Check out the blog for all the others! There are a number of great recipes with the posts!

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Rituals and Recipes from Bella Books Authors

My publisher, Bella Books, posted Rituals and Recipes from their authors over the holiday season. As they wrote: “As the holiday season approaches around the world, our lives are filled with the rituals and recipes of families, friends and communities. We’re setting aside blog space for the next month to share the favorite foods and experiences that have meaning for us this time of year.”

I had two: one from November 24th – A Ticket to the Gravy Train

And another from December 31st – Lucky Black-Eyed Peas and Mama’s Cornbread

If you’d like to see the rest of the offerings from my fellow Bella Authors – click here – RITUALS and RECIPES 2013