Wolf Bay Lodge in Foley, Alabama

For my birthday, we went to lunch at Wolf Bay Lodge in Foley, Alabama. I’ve been here before and written about it (here and here) but it has been several years, so I figured I’d post again. We’ve been going here since it was a private club across Wolf Bay from my folks place.

At lunch we had about a fifteen minute wait for a table, as they were pretty hopping at noon. We spent our wait at the bar and the time passed quite quickly, especially once I received my tea filled alligator cup. Dad enjoyed the house draft and Mom had an ice cold bottle of Budweiser.

Once we were seated and had perused the extensive menu, my mom ordered the coconut shrimp. This is an appetizer but is actually perfectly sized for lunch time. The shrimp were lightly breaded with flour and toasted coconut and it was served with a tasty tropical marmalade.

Dad had the shrimp kabobs – the lunch portion is 2 kabobs of shrimp, coated in a sweet bourbon glaze before being grilled. It is served over rice and comes with a couple of very light and delicious hush puppies.

Michelle had the blackened shrimp tacos with a chipotle tartar sauce. They were very well seasoned and came with cheese and coleslaw on soft tortillas. It was served with chips and a very tasty house made salsa. She really enjoyed the flavor and would definitely order them again.

I ordered the large plate of fried Gulf shrimp. These are some of my favorite fried shrimp ever with lots of shrimp on the plate, covered in a light, crisp breading and fried to perfection. As the sign on the wall states – if it ain’t fried, it ain’t food! It came to the table with a full plate of french fries and a couple of their hush puppies.

I hope you like my alligator cup as much as I do. As a bonus, it also comes with free refills. Crazy to say, they sell it as a kids cup!

Most of the meals came with one trip to the salad bar – they have a pretty extensive selection of items including some pretty darn tasty deviled eggs. I convinced Mom and Michelle to add one for me to both their bowls, so I was happy.

The servers are friendly, even considering how busy the place is. The selection on the menu will satisfy piscivores and carnivores alike and the portion sizes are plentiful. They have a wide selection of seafood but, as you can see from our orders, their shrimp is what brings us back, year after year.

Wolf Bay Restaurant
20801 Miflin Road, County Road 20
Foley, Alabama 36535
(251) 987-5129


For Mother’s Day, my sister and brother-in-law took us to the Undertow in Orange Beach, Alabama for their $10 all you can eat Crawfish and Royal Red buffet. Sure, there were also potatoes, corn and sausage but we were there for the seafood.

Royal Reds are a variety of shrimp that live the deeper waters off the Alabama Gulf Coast and are large and sweet. The meat is comparable to lobster and that’s why we had ours with drawn butter.

The Undertow is a casual, local hangout and the staff are friendly, even as they worked their tails off keeping up with refilling the buffet and slinging drinks. They run the buffet on weekends during the shrimping season but get there early – it runs from 2pm to 7pm or until they run out! Smoking is allowed at the bar and there is outside seating as well.

The Undertow
25025 Canal Rd
Orange Beach, Alabama

Dreamland Bar-B-Que

When coming through Mobile, Alabama, it is worth the while to pull off I-65 and get yourself to Dreamland Bar-B-Que.  We could smell the woodsmoke as soon as we got on the service road and, no wonder, their pit is big and beautiful:

I had the pulled pork sandwich with house made BBQ chips. The sauce is tangy and, as they say, “Ain’t nothing like it nowhere!”

Michelle had the rib tip wrap with jalapeño slaw. Very good combination of tender meat and spicy slaw.

We ended the meal with banana pudding but it was so good we inhaled it without waiting to take a picture. Lots of big pieces of banana in every bite

The prices are very reasonable and the staff is super friendly and very fast. Give it a try next time you’re nearby or call for them to ship you some directly.


Bill’s By the Beach – Gulf Shores

Panorama of Gulf Shores beach on July 5th, 2015. Photo by Marie Castle

Panorama of Gulf Shores beach on July 5th, 2015. Photo by Marie Castle

After a sunrise walk along the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama from rain into sunshine and back into rain, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant. Bill’s By the Beach was our choice, mainly because it opened at 7am but also because it had a lovely view of the just traversed beach.

We started with drinks. I had a Bloody Mary which came with a huge stalk of celery, a green bean, olives and a lime wedge. They rimmed the glass with cayenne and something else (maybe paprika) so I drank from the straw but it was a nice pick me up to begin the meal.

bloody mary bills


My sister, Kathy, had the Florentine Benedict – spinach, beefsteak tomato, poached egg, english muffin. Her egg was just slightly over done (not very runny) but the Hollandaise sauce was very good.


Her husband, Wayne, had the Hash on the Beach – sausage, onion and a sunny side egg over a huge bowl of their breakfast potato.


Michelle had the traditional Eggs Benedict. It was her first time having the dish and she did enjoy it. The cheese grits were a bit thick but had a good flavor.


I went for the chicken and waffles. I was a little disappointed in the waffles (they were pretty tasteless) but the chicken tenders were fine.


The prices are typical of a beachfront restaurant but the server was friendly and kept us plied with drinks, so we were happy to pay (and leave a generous tip) by the end.

Wolf Bay Lodge – Foley, AL

After a day of running errands with my folks, we headed over to Wolf Bay Lodge on Highway 20 in Foley, Alabama.

The light pine walls and animals on the walls, let you know they are serious about hearty, casual dining. We started with the deep fried onion – a little spicier than Outback’s Blooming Onion but just as good.

deep fried onion

We love their fried shrimp. While Dad got the shrimp sandwich, Mom and I went for the platter (she with 8 and me with 14). The fry is flavorful but the shrimp are fresh, never frozen, so they stand up well to the frying. Very delicious.

fried shrimp

Their tarter sauce is a little disappointing but their cocktail sauce has enough horseradish to clear out your sinuses.

The server was quite fast on my tea refills and to bring us more sauces and napkins with a smile and laugh.

We walked out of there stuff full and very happy. I highly recommend them, especially for lunch. They do tend to get a little busy during the summer and at dinner, so keep that in mind when going there.

Wolf Bay Lodge

Went out to lunch with my folks today at the newly reopened Wolf Bay Lodge on County Road 20 in Foley, Alabama. The space is lighter, bigger and much, much cleaner. What is the best news is that their fried shrimp is still some of the best I’ve ever eaten and both their cocktail sauce recipe and the way they are making their french fries are way better than their old version.

Shrimp Basket

My Mom and I went out for more fried food today. This time, we went to the Shrimp Basket in Foley, AL. It is a small chain but the food comes to the table hot and fresh.

We started with corn fritters–hot and sweet and I totally wanted more. Very delicious. The fried shrimp were well seasoned although the cocktail sauce was weak at best. I had the server give me half sweet tea and half unsweetened but it was still so sweet it made my teeth hurt.

Lulu’s at Homeport Marina

I went out with my Mom to Lulu’s at Homeport Marina. This restaurant is owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister and is very much as laid back as her brother’s music.

We had a fried food extravaganza–starting with fried onion ring and fried green tomatoes then moving to fried shrimp with french fries and jalapeno hush puppies. The batter used was great and the Wow sauce was quite good (sortof like a white remoulade).

My Cadillac margarita was very strong and smooth and the server was quick to bring out ice cold Bud’s every time Mom got close to the bottom of her bottles.

I was tempted by her new cookbook but there are a lot more reminiscences than recipes. I can always go back next time and grab one if I change my mind.