2016 Reveillion Dinner – Cafe Adelaide

A writer friend of mine came into town and we took advantage of the holiday season to go to Cafe Adelaide for their Reveillion dinner. The word comes from special meals that were served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve (ie the awakening or reveillion). These days, the special menus are available all December. You can find a list of all the restaurants participating in Reveillion HERE.

We made reservations through Open Table but the first one they had was for 8:30pm. The restaurant wasn’t that busy so they sat as soon as we arrived around 8pm.

We started with the Crab Bisque. Very smooth and light. The saffron gave it a lovely color. It went very well with the Hemingway Daiquiri that I ordered.


This was followed by fried oysters with a bacon covered cauliflower log. Separately the oysters and roasted cauliflower were good but, when eaten together the flavors really popped. Of course, how could you go wrong with bacon and oysters?


I’m a fan of snails (even the ones which aren’t basil-fed as these were) and the next course of pasta with escargot, sundried tomatoes and truffle butter was very, very good.


For the next course, I had the tournedos of beef with whipped potatoes. The ganache was a little sweet and took a little away from the flavor of the meat (which was cooked perfectly medium rare) but that didn’t stop me from eating every bite.


Cindy had the shrimp and grits. The shrimp was barbecued and pretty spicy but the grits did their job in cutting the heat to a manageable level.


Dessert was a chicory coffee custard in a orange flavored tart shell drizzled with caramel. Yum!


The fixed priced menu with its four courses was plenty of food for about $50 per person (not counting drinks). The staff was friendly and quick to check in but also allowed us lots of time to catch up and chat.

If you want to see their holiday menu, it can be found here: https://holiday.neworleansonline.com/reveillon/cafe-adelaide-4/#sthash.5up87PQE.dpuf

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