Stein’s Market and Deli

shalom yallI was dropping off my taxes on Magazine street around lunchtime, so I stopped at Stein’s Market and Deli.

They’ve got retail shelves of vinegars, jams, crackers, spices, salts, etc. They have a large selection of beers and sodas from all over and a good selection of gourmet bitters. They sell meats, cheeses and have bagels flown in from New York.

I was there for a sandwich. You order at the end of the counter and I went for the corned beef on rye. They make sure the sandwich is to your specification including seeded or unseeded or marbled rye, type of mustard, and if you want your meat cut from the fatty or the lean end (I opted for fatty).

The sandwich is thick, piled high with meat and comes with a slice of half sour and a slice of full sour pickles. They added extra pickles for me so I had some with every bite!

corned beef

They’ve got tables set up inside and outside so you can enjoy your food there or, be like me, and take it home with you. If you’re ordering beer, you’ve got to go somewhere else to drink it as they’re just retail for alcohol.

The guys at the counter and making the sandwiches are super busy but they’ve always been friendly and helpful to me. They can also be irreverent and a little crass but that’s the sandwich business.

I definitely recommend a visit there, especially when you’re craving deli food. Oh, and their matzo ball soup is terrific, too. I didn’t order any this time but the last time I had a cold I went in for some and it sped the healing up!


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