Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro

It is the last night my friend is in town, so I went to the WWOZ LiveWire. This community supported radio station puts out daily lists of all the live, local music playing in this fair city. It was a Monday night but I found that Charmaine Neville was scheduled to play at Snug Harbor. Excellent – good music AND good food.

The Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro is on Frenchman Street in the Marigny and it offers nightly live jazz and a deep menu of local, regional favorites. I relied on the advice of local food columnist Tom Fitzmorris and went for the BBQ shrimp.

bbq shrimp

Lots of shrimp, piled high in the bowl with a couple of fresh loaves of crusty French bread for sopping up the juices. There is a little heat to the sauce but not too much and the shrimp were cooked perfectly to finger licking good deliciousness. The portions are large. There were so many shrimp, it was a struggle to finish but I persevered (and managed to eat a baked potato, too).

The staff is friendly but low key and laid back. If you are planning to attend the show, you will want to come early. Our reservation was for 5:30 and we didn’t order appetizers or dessert and we finished and paid the bill at 6:56 (doors to the music hall opened at 7pm and seating is first come, first served).

The band was terrific. Charmaine has a great voice and she invited a number of local musicians up to play or sing with her. There was also some audience participation but the show is great fun and you’ll be laughing and clapping and singing along.

charmaine neville (1)

Definitely worth multiple visits!

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