Ye Olde College Inn

Driving back from the airport with a die hard Saints fan who flew in to help rally the Who Dat Nation during tomorrow’s home game against Atlanta. We stopped at Ye Olde College Inn on Carrolton for a dinner. They are open to 11pm on weeknights, so I knew we wouldn’t be rushed. The chef is a great believer in the local food movement – so much so that they have their own chicken coop and bee hives!

We started with the BBQ Shrimp appetizer – two shrimp, sliced in half and covered in their version of BBQ sauce that more resembled a meuniere sauce. Tasty although the toasted slices of Leidenheimer made it a little challenging to sop up all the liquid.

Brian went with the Fried Green Tomato Shrimp Remoulade Po-Boy. It didn’t really come together and the fried green tomato was such a delicate flavor that it was lost when eaten as a sandwich. He ended up deconstructing the po-boy and eating it in pieces.

I went for their special – the Million Dollar (wo)Man burger. The tenderloin didn’t have enough fat on its own so they topped it with some seared foie gras, melted some Havarti cheese, slathered some honey on the top of the bun and placed a small piece of gold foil on top. I didn’t really see the point of the honey as it just made my hands messy and the sweet overpowered the foie gras. The burger itself was a trifle dry but still good to the last bite. It was served with truffle parmesan fries that were also tasty.

burger (1)

For dessert, we went with the deep fried bread pudding. This was awesome (even with the raisins)! We weren’t uncouth enough to lick the plate but we came pretty close.

bread pudding (1)

We had a very helpful server who knew the menu front and back and was quick with refills while allowing us lots of time to chat.

I would keep this place on my radar – there was enough intriguing on the menu to give out of town visitors and locals good choices and I really like having a late dinner option.

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