I was lucky to be able to connect with a non-profit consulting friend of mine, Lisa Kaichen, today. I met her through Unified Nonprofits of Greater New Orleans and I really enjoyed the chance to catch up. Neither of us had been to Shaya before, so we decided to go there for lunch.

Shaya is an homage to the modern Israeli cuisine that inspires Chef Alon Shaya. The space is bright and filled with fresh flowers. It was a lovely place to eat and chat and wait out the downpour that was soaking New Orleans this afternoon.

They started us off with some home made pita from their beautiful wood fired oven. The dipping sauce was lovely.


From there, we went to the avocado toasts – generous amount of avocado on rye bread with a sprinkling of whitefish and pink peppercorns. Layers of flavor on this dish.

avocado toast

I had the chicken schnitzel sandwich. I had been leery of the the harissa mayonaise but it wasn’t too spicy. The sandwich was a bit messy but the chicken was nice and crunchy and the pickles added a nice contrast to the soft bread. I wasn’t much of a fan of the spice blend on the fries – it wasn’t bad, just not to my taste.

chicken sand

Lisa had the matzo ball soup. She had never it with duck instead of chicken but the flavor was good and the greens added a touch her grandma’s version didn’t have.


The server was very attentive and made lots of suggestions amidst the small talk. The restaurant filled up fast and she became quite rushed by the end of our visit. She was able to the keep the smile on her face, even though refills fell to other people.

I’d definitely recommend this restaurant – the food was delicious and flavorful. I look forward to trying more of their menu.

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