Ignatius Eatery

The Golden Crown Literary Society is holding its annual literary conference in New Orleans this year. It is like home week with all my favorite authors and many dear friends in one place. One of my friends, who runs a women and book centric radio program, came into town early, so we went out for dinner.

We went to Ignatius Eatery on Magazine Street. Named for the lead character (and quite a character he was) in the Confederacy of Dunces, it has many quotes from the books along the walls. One of which was, “I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.”

We started with cocktails. I had the Bee’s Knees (gin, honey, lemon). Very refreshing. You can see one of the quotes and pictures of Ignatius J Reilly on the wall behind the glass.

bees knees

We then had a selection of appetizers. The fried green tomatoes with remoulade sauce are definitely worth coming back for a second plate. Crisp with a delicious coating and the tang of the green tomatoes mellowed by the sauce. Yum!

fried green tomatoes

The Ignatius Mac n Cheese could stand to be a little a creamier but the bacon and provolone made it quite delicious.

mac and cheese

The shrimp and grits were also excellent. Just enough heat to the sauce, perfectly cooked shrimp and delicious stone ground grits.

shrimp grits

I was less impressed with the Bayou Sampler – the large peperoncini dripped juice all over the food as I was removing it. The red beans are done well enough but the creole jambalaya and crawfish étouffée were a little disappointing. The flavors weren’t particularly strong or memorable.

bayou sampler

I would like to go back and try their po-boys, as Tom Fitzmorris puts their roast beef po-boy in the upper 5% of the city.

Service was very good with the waiter only needing one reminder about refilling water before keeping the glasses full for the rest of the meal.

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