Spooky Homemade Root Beer

We needed some dry ice for the cooler and broke off a few pieces to use for carbonating and spookifying some homemade root beer.


1 Quart Spooky Homemade Root Beer

1 quart cold water
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 ounce root beer extract
1/2 lb dry ice

Root beer extract is found in the baking/spice area of the grocery store.

Pour water into a large container (or plastic cauldron), followed by the sugar. Stir or shake the container to dissolve the sugar. Add the root beer extract and mix well. Add the dry ice that has been broken into small pieces. The bubbling mixture will become carbonated and will be ready to serve when all the dry ice has fully vaporized. Do not close or cover the container until the fog has completely dissipated.

Add ice cream for a special root beer float that kids of all ages will love.


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