The Big Cheezy

I was inspired by Kim Ranjbar‘s post on NOLA Foodporn for today from the Big Cheezy. Yes, this is a restaurant for all those grilled cheese lovers (and, really who isn’t?). Yes, that image is of the Cheezy B.E.T (bacon, fried egg, tomato) and yes, it is as good as it looks.

Here the pic I took after my niece and I went there for lunch:


It was awesome – the fried egg was perfect so the yolk was running into the cheese. Add the bacon and tomato (with no yucky lettuce!) and it made for incredible mouth feel and one delicious sandwich.

We also got the Mac & Cheezy:


Who knew there was a way to improve mac and cheese? The genius’ behind the Big Cheezy is who! The how is by putting a huge scoop of 4 cheese mac and cheese between layers of cheddar on grilled bread. Very rich and very good.


For dessert, we went for the PB&B – Peanut butter and banana on a beignet with mascarpone and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. We were both doing the happy dance.

There are enough other items on the menu (plus you can create your own) for me to be making this a regular place to visit.

Super yummy!

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