Purloo Southern Cuisine

We went to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and then went to lunch at Purloo (the restaurant in the museum). The museum had an interesting collection of exhibits from the smoke and spice trail to the history of absinthe and a celebration of 175 years of Antoine’s restaurant. I enjoyed the Katrina Deli and their “Heckuva Job Brownies,” although the Bush Baloney sandwich, Furniture Upside Down Cake and Entergy Black Out Cake all looked good too.

katrina deli

After making our way around the museum, we headed through the curtain to the restaurant. With windows all along one wall it is light and airy, with a beautiful restored wood bar for drinking and seats around the open fire kitchen for those who want to watch their food being prepared.

We sat at a table and ordered iced tea to drink while perusing the menu.

Michelle chose the small plate of the Southern board with pimento cheese, smoked lamb, deviled eggs, green tomato chutney, fried pickles and boiled peanuts with a pecan root beer. The boiled peanuts were a bit bland but the pimento cheese was tasty and the bite in the deviled eggs was pretty unique.

southern board

Mom went for the signature burger. A good burger, thick and meaty and cooked to order with cheddar cheese dripping down the side. There was a pickled okra on the salad that offered a nice contrast to the lettuce.


Dad ordered the OCH roast beef debris sandwich with sweet potato fries and grilled onions. Delicious slow roasted beef but the bread wasn’t typical poboy style so the meat to bread ratio was a little off.

debris sandwhich

I ordered the fried chicken with tasso mac and cheese. The brine used on the fried chicken was a bit salty and the crust a little heavy and dark from the oil. The mac and cheese was a little bland, I was expecting more from the tasso.

fried chicken

The server was being run ragged as she was the only one working the floor (there was a bartender and two cooks). It is hard not to blame the server when the drinks aren’t refilled and she doesn’t check in but maybe they’re still working on staffing issues.

I think I’d wait to visit again for them to work on a few of the staffing issues but the food was intriguing enough to make me want to give them another chance.

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