Deanie’s Seafood

Deanie’s Seafood in the French Quarter is located near the Canal edge of the Vieux Carre. It is also just a couple of blocks from the Hotel Monteleone where I was spending the weekend at the 12th Annual Saints and Sinners Literary Festival. While the prices are French Quarter average (which translates to high), the seafood is Louisiana wild and the menu fairly extensive with traditional New Orleans seafood dishes.

I went with three writerly friends from the conference and we enjoyed a delicious meal and lively conversation between the panels and readings. Instead of starting us with bread, they brought freshly boiled potatoes from the crawfish boil to the table. Lightly spicy, they were a good way to begin the meal.

I had the crab meat au gratin. A lot of crabmeat in a cheesy blend, it was almost as good as Mama makes. I only ate a bite or two of my salad before passing it on and the bread was either a little stale or lightly toasted, so not very conducive to soaking up the sauce.

crab au gratin

Marie Castle had the Bucktown boil pizza. There was a time when I would have balked at having crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish on a pizza but this was a delicious melange of flavors on a thin pizza crust and what could be better? It was a little salty but also a lot good.


Catherine Lundoff and Cindy Rizzo both got the crawfish etouffee and they were proud members of the clean plate club by the time the meal was over. Is there really any higher compliment?

crawfish etouffe

We were there at lunch and the place was very busy and noisy, however the expected twenty minute wait only took about ten minutes before we were escorted to our seats. The staff was fast but friendly and refills were brought without asking.

As you can see we were all smiles at meal’s end.


Check out the websites of these fabulous authors:

Cindy Rizzo

Marie Castle

Catherine Lundoff

and, of course, mine – Mary Griggs

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