High Hat

Michelle’s parents brought her down for a visit and we went out for some good southern cooking at High Hat Cafe on Freret.

I started with a strawberry mint lemonade. Awesomely cool and refreshing!


It was fried chicken day, so we were was very, very happy. They use a little cornmeal in their batter and the taste is excellent. Add to that pimento mac and cheese and you’ve got a combination to make your taste buds sing.


Yes, I will confess that I didn’t touch the greens. The plate comes with a lot of chicken and everyone but I had some to put away for the lunch the next day.

We have a very friendly server who shared with us the three rules of Cajun life. As they’re applicable to most everyone, I’m posting them here:

  1. When going down the river, don’t get too close to shore as snakes might drop out of the trees onto you.
  2. Always keep a paddle nearby to hit alligators on the nose when they get too close
  3. Don’t let any blood get into the water or those alligators will overturn the boat to get at it (and you).

I really recommend them – their menu is chock full of local delights done right.

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