Martin Wine Cellar Deli Bistro

IMG_20150130_165038514Martin Wine Cellar returned to Uptown after more than a decade. It was here the store started in 1946 and left after being flooded and looted after Hurricane Katrina. Not only does it offer a fine selection of beers, liquors and wines, they also have a Deli bistro that serves sandwiches, cheese and gourmet foods.

They also have a happy hour called Four at Four with $4 wine by the glass and $4 appetizers starting at 4pm. I happily tried their red and had to figure out what sandwich I was going to have for dinner. They have various chicken, turkey, ham, corned beef, roast feet and veggie sandwiches plus gourmet plates (cheese, salmon, etc). I ended up getting a pork loin sandwich with seasoned fries. Thinly sliced, well flavored pork served hot on an onion roll. It was very good and paired very well with the Culprit red table wine I choose to try.

The space is light and airy and, yet quiet enough that I was able to have a meeting with two other people and didn’t feel like I had to shout (or whisper).

Definitely give them a try for happy hour, deli foods or when you need to stock up on booze!

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