Muriel’s Jackson Square (Again)

I had gone to Muriel’s with a group from the Golden Crown Literary Society back in September. They were back in town to finalize various contracts so we returned to the restaurant on their last night here. It is not like it is a great sacrifice – Muriel’s Jackson Square has consistently high levels of service and delicious food. This visit was no exception.

The soup of the day was sweet potato with andouille sausage that two folks started with and enjoyed. Frankly, it looked a bit like baby food but the flavor was sweet and savory.

I had the pecan crusted drum. I had eaten it once before and it stayed true to my memory. This dish of flakey white fish with a lovely sauce and the pecan topping is one of my all time favorites.


Liz had the crabcake – it was very light with lots of crabmeat and not very much breading. As she had a late afternoon visit to Cafe du Monde with an order of beignets, it was the perfect size for dinner.


Judy started with the escargot and then had the shrimp risotto for her entrée.  It was very creamy with a lovely mixture of shrimp, sausage and veggies.


Michelle had both a Satsuma salad (not pictured) and the gorgonzola cheesecake. I found the cheesecake a bit too strong for my taste but it certainly did the job of awakening one’s palate.

gorg cheesecake

For dessert, we shared the Snickers Terrine (layers of peanut butter nougat and peanut caramel in creamy milk chocolate with butter brittle) and the sweet potato buttermilk mini doughnuts.


Awesome is the best way to describe their take on a snickers. Very rich and very much tasted like more.


The doughnuts were light and delicious and the bourbon praline sauce was amazing. This is a good dessert to share as there were a lot of doughnuts.

The service is old style New Orleans where all the food comes out at once. The drink server kept our glasses refilled and the wait staff as a whole was knowledgable and engaging.

Thanks very much to Judy for the meal – we definitely enjoyed it!

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