Mulate’s Original Cajun Restaurant

Needed to grab dinner outside of the French Quarter so we decided to have a little Cajun experience with some Zydeco music. That means Mulate’s restaurant, across from the Riverwalk. They have a dance floor, for those who want to work off their meal, too.

We started with the mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Nice flavor but smallish mushrooms for the amount of breading.


Michelle did enjoy the green stuff under it. She had the Zydeco meat pies – pastry shells filled with a spicy ground beef mixture and served with a spicy remoulade sauce.


I had the BBQ shrimp po-boy – large shrimp sauteed in butter and Worcestershire sauce. Very yummy.


It came with a small bowl of jambalya but I saved that for lunch tomorrow.

The prices are downtown high but the atmosphere is unlike any other place in the city. This is definitely the place to go if your trip to Louisiana does not include any time in Acadiana. Check out their website where they list the nightly entertainment, usually starting around 7pm. Service is fast and friendly and they are very welcoming of large groups.

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