Tasting Thai

In the past couple of days, I’ve had a chance to visit both Thai Mint and SukoThai, two of New Orleans’ Thai restaurants.

Thai Mint is in the Carrollton area and is a small, quiet restaurant. The food speaks very loudly with loads of fresh, bright veggies and flavors. We started with the Tom Kha soup with chicken and the broth was spicy and aromatic with a lot of chicken.

Michelle had the cashew chicken and I had the garlic shrimp. Both were perfect sized lunch portions. Michelle would have liked a little more sauce, but she ate it all so take that as you will. My shrimp were nice and garlicky.


They could have used a little more coconut milk with their mango and sticky rice but it was otherwise refreshing and delicious.


The servers were very friendly and willing to stop and chat.

SukoThai is on Magazine Street and offers a larger menu in its larger space. Michelle had the drunken noodles made hot (not Thai hot but plenty warm nonetheless). She enjoyed half the noodles for lunch and the rest cold for dinner.


I had more Tom Kha soup and the chicken satay. They only had a couple of larger pieces of chicken in their soup but the broth was quite good. It wasn’t served very hot though (neither was the pot of lemongrass tea we ordered either). I expected more of the peanut sauce but the chicken hit the spot.


They added sesame seed to their mango sticky rice and it added a bit of nuttiness. In some places, there was almost too much of it but the dish was refreshing.


The servers were friendly and knowledgeable. The food portions were generous and, other than wishing the tea and soup had been a little warmer, there were no complaints.

Both have a lot of offer and I guess I’ll just have to go back to each to keep comparing!

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