Pizza Domenica

pizza domenica logoI was part of a panel discussion on Economics and Gender Bias that was put on the Women’s Resource Center at Loyola University. Moderated by New Orleans City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell, I was joined on the panel by Deborah Freda from American Association of University Women, and Melanie Bronfin from the LA Policy Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health. It was a great discussion on the impact of gender bias from birth on and the need for pay equity.

Following the panel, I went out with the Interim Director of the Women’s Resource Center and another friend for carbs and gluten. We ended up on Magazine Street at Pizza Domenica. Domenica Restaurant is located in the Roosevelt Hotel but now you can get their delicious pizza Uptown.

We started with the whole cauliflower. I admit I was skeptical – $18 for a vegetable? And it isn’t even deep fried? However, it is roasted with almost an entire bottle of white wine and is tender and delicious and doesn’t taste a thing like the raw cauliflower one finds on a crudite platter. Bon Appetit recently posted the recipe and I may be tempted to someday try it myself.


We also had the garlic knots. Light strips of bread well seasoned with garlic and butter. These were finger licking good.


Our two pizza selections were the Margherita and Pepperoni. Oh, goodness these were good. The fresh mozzarella and basil on the margherita were divine and the thin slice of peppery pepperoni was nice and strong. The sauce was put on with a light touch but it was perfect on the thin crust which was chewy and not brittle. Either one was one of the best pizza’s in the city.


You order first before taking a table and delivery of the food is very quick. We were pretty much left alone after that and tea never got refilled but we filled the time with great food and good conversation, so we left happy.

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