Mandina’s Restaurant

IMG_20141006_204844_005On the last dinner of their visit, I decided to take my friends to some historically traditional New Orleans Italian food. We went up Canal, into MidCity to go eat at Mandina’s restaurant. Very traditional Creole, it could use a few fresh vegetables in the kitchen (the green peas and green beans were out of a can). All in all, though, the large portions and neighborhood feel made my friends very happy.

I went with the fried chicken. Tasted a lot like my mama makes it, which is to say just a flour crust and bit little bland. Good and hot and on a bed of fries, so lots to eat here.


Michelle ordered the shrimp creole and it had lots of shrimp swimming in a spicy tomato sauce with large pieces of celery and green bell peppers. The green peas that came on the side were definitely out of a can.


Jennie’s rib eye was a little thin but cooked to a perfect medium rare consistency.


Brian went for the house special soft shell crab with an allmondine meuniere sauce (brown butter with toasted almonds). It was a truly delicious and a must try for crab lovers.


The Milky Way Pie that we split was very good but not made in house.


The service was attentive, with quick refills and ready with menu suggestions and friendly banter. This may not be the most cutting edge dinning experience in New Orleans but it is old school comfort food and worth experiencing.

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