Cochon Butcher

butcher signWith friends in town, I just had to take them for one of the BLT’s on the planet, much less the city. Cochon Butcher is the sandwich shop and butcher store next to the awesome Cochon by Chef Donald Link.

Since the last time I’d been, they’ve expanded the place and added a bar and a ton more seating. It is still very packed for lunch but the lines moves quickly to the register and you’ve got lots of things to look at while you wait for your food.

Brian and I had the BLT – thick house cured bacon, pickled onions, lettuce and tomato make for a delicious combination.

blt at butcher

Michelle had the lamb sandwich with tzatziki, cucumber and mint on flatbread. The lamb seemed almost understated with the strength of the other ingredients.

lamb sandwich

We also enjoyed a side of their mac and cheese – very rich and delicious. So good we ordered a second one!

mac and cheese

Jennie got today’s special which was a hot sausage sandwich. Lots of heat and flavor between two slices of bread!

hot sausage sandwich

The place is pretty noisy but the line moves quickly and the sandwiches are worth a little wait while they put them together. Very much recommend this place for lunch.

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