Muriel’s Jackson Square

I’m with some Golden Crown Literary Society folks who were here for a site visit in advance of our 2015 conference (July 22-26th, 2015). Thinking forward to potential events, they wanted to eat somewhere with a ghost. We decided to head over Muriel’s Jackson Square. They treat their ghost well and even set out a place for Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan and guest. While alive, he adored the home he spent years renovating. Jourdan was a gambler, though and in 1814 he wagered the place in a poker game and lost. Rather than hand over his home, he committed suicide.

table set for the ghost

We didn’t see the ghost but we had a good meal nonetheless.

I had the gulf shrimp with pasta. Lots of mushrooms, shrimp, spinach, tomatoes and onions in a cream sauce. Very nicely flavored and their bread was delicious soaking up the sauce.

shrimp and pasta

Judy had the shrimp remoulade and thought it was delicious. She came close to licking the place to get every last spot of sauce.

shrimp remolaude

Lizz and Michelle thought the shrimp and goat cheese crepes were divine. Michelle said the cheese and sauce and creamy texture were beautifully melded together.

shrimp and crepes

Service was excellent with drinks replenished rapidly and more bread brought without asking. All our plates were brought out together and they waited until we were all finished before starting to clear.

All and all a great time and I think the upstairs seance lounges will make a terrific place to do some paranormal readings.

seance room 2seance room

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