Dragon King

I was at a meeting today and someone mentioned that they thought the sesame chicken at Dragon King on Claiborne Avenue was better than what is found at Five Happiness. As it was on the way home, we stopped by the strip mall where it is located. Very bare bones, the place is perfectly set up for take out.

In very short order, I had a nice order of sesame chicken. Well sauced, the chicken was well cooked and quite tasty. I’ll have to make another visit to Five Happiness to really compare but this meal was definitely good enough for a repeat visit.

sesame chicken

We also got an order of General Tso’s Chicken because I can’t resist the gentle heat of it. Also very good, with the fried chicken pieces still a little crisp despite the sauce.

general tso chicken

These are the lunch specials ($5.95 plus rice). Good prices and large portion size makes this an affordable and delicious place to fuel up. My main issue is that we didn’t get any fortune cookies!

Dragon King
6221 S. Claiborne Ave, Suite 103
NOLA 70125


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