Petra’s Greek Lebanese Cafe – Hattiesburg

My phone went swimming during our kayak trip down the Okatoma on Saturday so we had to make an unplanned trip to Hattiesburg yesterday. After a suggestion from the woman at the Verizon store, we decided to go to Petra Cafe. Located across from University Southern Mississippi, they serve Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

We started with the falafel patties with Grecian sauce. Fresh from the fryer, it had very fresh flavor with the chickpeas, onions and spices. The sauce was so good we asked for more.


I had the chicken shawarma gyro. The marinated chicken was quite tasty and they had stuffed the fresh, warm pita full to overflowing with meat, onions, tomato, lettuce and yogurt sauce.

gyro 1

Michelle went with the lamb shawarma gyro and enjoyed the lamb slices. She also took all the lovely pictures as my replacement phone won’t arrive for another day and I forgot my camera.

lamb gyro

We finished with the baklava. A very sweet way to end a rather enjoyable meal. They used pistachios and it was yummy.


The service was excellent with a friendly waiter and manager. We were there late and he was quite attentive and even left us the pitcher of Lebanese iced tea (tea with orange blossoms, pink lemonade and pine nuts) because we enjoyed it so much we were draining our glasses.

I’d definitely recommend this place and will probably stop by again myself.

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