Strick’s BBQ – Hattiesburg, MS

I was in Hattiesburg today and went to Strick’s BBQ for lunch. It is right near to University of Southern Mississippi where we had gone to see the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection at the Cook Library.


I had the pulled pork sandwich – it was overfilled with terrific pig meat and came with a small thing of sauce that the meat didn’t need. Trust me, you’ll need two hands to bring this sandwich to your mouth it was that big.

pulled pork

Michelle had the BBQ Beef Sandwich and it did need the sauce they gave her as the meat could use the additional flavor. This one was also over filled with meat that we ended up eating it with a fork once we were done with what was in the bun.

bbq beef

On Friday’s they do a $12 buffet with a whole pig that they leave over a fire for 17 hours. It looked delicious but, with a dinner already planned, I wasn’t sure we’d get our money’s worth.


Not a bad BBQ joint at all! Very friendly people on staff.

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