Pizza Delicious

pizza deliciousIt was an evening to plot to take over the world and, honestly, what could possibly be a better place for that than at a pizza parlor?

We ended up at Pizza Delicious down on Piety. I had heard of this place when it was still a pop-up and had always wanted to go.

They serve a selection of New York style pizzas. You can get them by the slice, as a full pizza (with daily specials that include sun dried tomato and caramelized onions), as well as pasta dishes, cookies, etc. They also have a good selection of wines by the glass (I got a Chianti), beers and sodas.

The place is a little rustic with concrete floors and wood tables but the pizza comes out quick and hot and the folks are rushed but friendly.

I ordered a slice of the pepperoni. The pizza was pretty good – thin crust with a good chew, nice sauce and a generous helping of pepperoni on top. Next time I may order one of the entire pizzas so I can judge how good it is the next day.

I also got the garlic knots, which were more like balls. They were dense and chewy but could have used a bit more garlic butter!


The pistachio chocolate cookie was very good as well – nutty and chocolatey and a good way to end the meal.


I would definitely give them a second trip. Oh, and they have bicycle delivery in the Bywater area for the real locals.


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