Ruby Slipper – MidCity

We ventured out for something other than beignets today and ended up at the Ruby Slipper Cafe in Mid City. Rated one of the best of New Orleans in Gambit, we really enjoyed our visit.

ruby slipper

They have quite a wonderful selection of breakfast items (which they serve all day), including the typical southern breakfast of grits, bacon, eggs and biscuit that was as far as my Dad was willing to explore.

Mom went for one of their breakfast specials – Eggs Tinga with black beans, chicken, tortilla strips and chipolte sauce with two eggs on top. All the flavors combined marvelously to perk up the taste buds and welcome the new day.

mom eggs

I had their Eggs Blackstone – two poached eggs over bacon, a roasted tomato slice and a huge buttermilk biscuit and topped with hollandaise sauce. Perfectly cooked eggs and the runny yolk mixed with all the other ingredients to make every bite delicious. Oh, and the homestyle potatoes were terrific, too.

mary eggs

Service was fast and friendly with coffee topped up quickly. Parking is a little tight and, like many other breakfast places they don’t take reservations but they turn the tables fast, so the wait isn’t too terribly bad.

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