Emeril’s Delmonico

For my birthday dinner, my parents took me out to dinner to Emeril’s Delmonicos. Located on St. Charles Avenue, it was acquired by Emeril Lagasse and completely renovated.

We started with the Boudin Balls – the twist was the jalepeno and cream cheese stuffing in these which gave them heat. Very nice flavor and just whet our appetites.


Dad had to have some greens, so he ordered the Strawberry Spinach salad. The balsamic reduction dressing was a little overpowering but the salad was pretty tasty with the fresh strawberries, pecans and baby spinach.


Below is a picture of my steak. I ordered the 20 ounce dry aged, bone in rib-eye and I ate every bite. It was almost a religous experience with the perfectly cooked meat. They brought sauces to the table but the meat needed no help getting into my belly!


We finished the meal with a blackberry cobbler. Tart berries melded perfectly with the creole cream cheese ice cream. A lovely palate cleanser after a fine meal.


The service was excellent – we had a main waiter plus several others to make sure our water never went an inch below the lip and kept our wine glasses full. They were all friendly and knew the menu inside and out and were quite happy to answer all our questions. All the plates were delivered to the table at once and we didn’t feel rushed by them taking away any until the last diner finished their last bite.

It is a pricey place to have a meal but for those special occassions, this is a wonderful place to enjoy a bit of grand, old New Orleans dining with a modern flair.


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