Deli Diner – Collins, Mississippi

deli diner signI’m up visiting in the Hattiesburg area of Mississippi and was glad I was near Collins, Mississippi for dinner. In a converted Sonic drive thru is the Deli Diner.  It is rated as one of the best diners by Mississippi Magazine and I can sure taste why!

The menu is eclectic with lots of panni sandwiches and wraps, a wide selection of burgers and even an interesting selection of salads. The bread is all made in house and is definitely worth choosing when given the option.

We started with their cheese steak nachos – creamy queso with piles of shredded beef. It definitely tasted like more but then our main course arrived, so we just enjoyed the memory.

I went for a chicken artichoke pesto panni on rosemary bread and it was wonderful – great flavor on the chicken and a taste sensation with the cheese and bread and pesto sauce and artichoke hearts. Michelle had the Crunchy Asian salad with a huge quantity of chicken, cashews and the crunch from chow mein noodles. It was good enough for me to break my long standing habit of avoiding salads.

We ended the meal with an excellent brownie – moist, chocolately and delicious plus a drizzle of caramel sauce on top. Yum!

diner brownie

The staff is friendly and personable and was quick to clear the table and then leave us to talking. We stayed almost thirty minutes after close catching up and were never bothered about clearing out for them to go home. In fact, they even joined us for a bit!

Thanks to Michelle for the lovely brownie picture!


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