Mariner’s Restaurant in Natchitoches

On my way to Dallas for a book discussion and signing with the JEWEL Lesbian Fiction Book Club, I decided to stop in Natchitoches, Louisiana for the night. The city bills itself as the oldest in Louisiana as it was in 1714 that Louis Juchereau de St Denis built a garrison post here to repel the Spanish and promote trade with the Natchitoches Indians.

I had a couple of recommendations to try Mariner’s Restaurant while I was here and I’m glad I did. The restaurant overlooks Sibley Lake and it was quite a view as the sun set.

mariners bloody mary

For an appetizer, I went with the Natchitoches meat pies – small little fried pies stuffed with beef, pork and cajun seasoning. There was just a little bit of heat but the pies were flaky and the filling quite good.

meat pies

I went with the stuffed shrimp as my main course and it came with a cream of artichoke soup that was absolutely delicious. I was tempted to lick the cup but managed to contain myself.

cream artichoke soup

The shrimp were stuffed with Rosetta’s seafood stuffing – I don’t know who this chick Rosetta is but she can sure make stuffing!


The service was excellent. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and certainly didn’t steer me wrong on item selection. I also got into conversation with a couple at the next table (up here for him to perform trombone with a brass band at Northwestern State University) and they gave me some suggestions for other meals. Yay for nice people!

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