SukhoThai New Orleans

I did a presentation to the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association today and went out afterwards with a few of the attendees to SukhoThai on Magazine.

I started with the Celadon Mojito – made with coconut juice and lemon grass syrup. It had a bit of an odd texture, as if the coconut juice had solidified. I then switched to the Thai iced tea, which was very nice and creamy.


For dinner I had the cashew chicken off the wok menu. Very delicious with the right touch of heat. The chicken pieces were plentiful as were the cashews and the onions and bell pepper weren’t overcooked to mush as sometimes happens. I would definitely recommend this dish.


The server was a little distracted and a couple of the folks who were trying to take advantage of the 2 for 1 drink special until 7pm were disappointed when he disappeared and didn’t get their drink order in time. Other than that, he was able to get the water refills to the table in good order and was unobtrusive enough to let the conversation flow.

Definitely good food and worth a revisit to take advantage of their numerous noodle dishes.

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