Billy’s Boudin and Cracklin

billys boudin signDespite being hard to get to with the construction around the traffic circle sending me around twice and making it easier to cross over I-10, turn around and come back, Billy’s Boudin and Cracklin is a good place to stop and stock up on boudin and other pork products when you’re in the Lafayette area. They’re actually in Scott, Louisiana, which is the next city west of Lafayette and calls itself the “Boudin Capital of the World.”

For the unitiated, boudin is a combination of cooked rice, pork, onions, peppers, and seasonings.  The mixture is sent through a meat grinder before being stuffed into a sausage casing and, after steaming or poaching it is ready for eating.

I started with the boudin sandwich. It was served on white bread but the flavor of the boudin was quite good, especially when washed down with a sweet tea. To go with my sammy, I picked up a half pound of fresh cracklins which were a bit over seasoned for my taste. They do offer a more lightly salted version and I think I’ll try that next time.  I also got one of the boudin pistollettes (fried bread rolls that are stuffed with boudin) and, while the bread was flavorful, it was so thick, it overwhelmed the taste of the boudin.

Here’s a picture of the trays of cracklin:

billy boudin cracklin pic

Overall, well worth the side trip. I’ll have to follow the rest of the Boudin Trail to compare Billy’s with other purveyors of boudin, though. <sigh> The sacrifices I must make for the sake of my stomach!

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