Pork Ribs

We needed more room in my Dad’s freezer, so we pulled out a 5 lb cryovac pack of pork ribs for dinner.

For preparation, remove the membrane alongside the bones with a dull knife and your fingers (you don’t want to cut into the meat, if you can help it). Liberally coat the meat with dry rub and prepare the grill for indirect cooking.  Had we had multiple racks, we would have broken out the stand cooker but with just one, all it took was a chimney full of coals laid down on the sides, a couple of soaked hickory chips and a drip pan in the center for us to be ready to cook.

pork ribs on grillThe fire was running hot, about 375 degrees, so we closed the bottom vents a bit about 45 minutes into the cook time. You don’t want the fire to drop below 250 degrees but over 350 is a little too hot. After about another hour, we had perfectly cooked ribs. You can tell they’re done when you can twist one of the exposed bones and it releases easily.

Ours were so perfectly cooked, that we ate them right off the pan, standing around the island in the kitchen.

pork ribs done

Grilling is not just for weekends!

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