Vermilion House Bistro

I was in Lafayette today and was able to get together with a political crony, Amy Jones, again. On her suggestion we went to Vermilion House Bistro on Rue Vermilion.

We met at 12:45 for lunch and I was quite surprised to see that we were the only ones in the place. I was even more surprised after the meal – this place has awesome food!

We started with the Duck Croquettes – roasted duck and apples, battered and fried and served with a really tasty hot pepper fig jelly. While it did break into pieces, making it a little hard to eat, it was worth wresting with.


For the main part of the meal, I was told it would change my life to get the Crab Grilled Cheese sandwich. Darn close – buttery and perfectly grilled bread – golden crown outside and soft inside. I have to say the creamy crab and melted mascarpone and monterey jack cheese made it sinfully delicious.


Oh, and before you say anything about me having a salad, this is actually a picture of Amy’s plate, as mine came with white bean soup and the picture wasn’t as pretty and colorful as hers.

Service was very good. I arrived early to a friendly young woman who quickly brought me unsweetened ice tea and water and refilled them as fast I could drain them. She was knowledgeable about the menu and her suggestions were very helpful when we were deciding on what to eat.

I heartily recommend this place and will definitely head back during my next trip to Lafayette.

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