Magnolia Grill – Natchez, MS

For dinner, Mom and I went to Natchez-Under-the-Hill: the boat landing beneath the bluffs on the banks of the Mississippi River. From 1785 until about 1820, Under-the-Hill was the departure point for frontiersmen and their last chance to “whoop it up” before their long trek home on the Natchez Trace. It had a reputation for disreputable people and debauchery – just our style!

In a rebuilt saloon midway down Silver Street is the Magnolia Grill.

magnolia grill

We started with fried green tomatoes with shrimp, crawfish tails and hot sauce hollandaise. Perfectly cooked, the sauce was a lovely counterpoint to the tang of the green tomato.

fried green tomato

We also had the crabmeat stuffed mushrooms. I think the crab was frozen not fresh but there was a good flavor to the stuffing. The cheese was very bland, which was okay as it otherwise would have overpowered the delicate crabmeat.

crab stuffed mushroom

I ordered the shrimp and grits for my entre. It was a bit messy as the tails had been left on and had to be fished out of the sauce and grits. The shrimp were good but the sauce a bit too much and it drowned the grits.

shrimp and grits

The sweet potato fries were terrific. Crisp and sweet, they went fast!

sweet potato fries

The server kept Mom in cold beer (with a new frosty glass for every bottle). He did ignore my need for more iced tea but he was funny and personable and generally very aware of our needs.

I would certainly recommend this place again, especially with the river’s edge view of the Mississippi. We watched several barges go by and enjoyed watching the sunset until the rain nearly obscured the bridge.

Here is the Isle of Capri Riverboat casino at 6:32 (as we left the restaurant):

riverboat at 1732


Here is the view from the other casino fifteen minutes later as the rains poured down:

riverboat at 1745 in the rain

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