Carmo – A Tropical Cafe

I went to meet a political crony to plot to take over the world and he suggested a neighborhood sandwich shop. Carmo Cafe would not have been my first pick for lunch – as it supposed to be one of the best vegan and vegetarian places in the city. However, it was within walking distance of his house and, he was buying (thanks, John!), so what else was I to do but go?

I was pretty impressed with the variety of choices – enough to satisfy me (an unrepentant meat eater) but also vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc. Lots of locally sourced produce and flavor profiles from Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

I had the Tuna salad sandwich – sushi-grade yellowfin tuna marinated in a light vinaigrette, served on sourdough with avocado and cucumber. Very good flavor with a nice crunch from the cucumber.

carmo tuna

To drink I had the Cacau Fruit juice – filled with all sorts of good-for-you things but the most important, to my mind, is being able to drink the juice of the chocolate plant.

Quite the place – quirky art on the walls and eclectic furniture among lots of darn healthy food choices. Definitely worth another visit.

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