Jacob’s Andouille

I was watching John Besh’s cooking show on PBS and he mentioned that he thinks the best andouille is found in LaPlace, Louisiana. I immediately contacted my friend Beth and she gave me the names three places: Jacob’s, Bailey’s and Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse where she recommended I make a special trip to go to have a meal.

I made my first foray for tasting to Jacob’s World Famous Andouille. It is on Airline Highway right past US 51.


I purchased some andouille, boudin, their version of Slim Jims and a couple of smoked chicken breasts. You could smell the smoke outside the store, so you know they’re doing the smoking on premises and have since 1928.

jacobs truck

I scarfed the pork sticks down before I made it back to Orleans parish and had one of the two smoked chicken breasts with a baked sweet potato for dinner that evening (while watching the US Men’s National Soccer Team beat Honduras in World Cup Qualifying). Very good flavor to the chicken.

I can’t report on the andouille yet as my week went pear shaped but, I’ve got a recipe for shrimp and andouille that I’ll be doing as soon as I get back from Dallas. I’ll post part 2 of Jacob’s soon.

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