Fat Hen Grocery

In advance of speaking to the Tulane School of Social Work students about organizing, I went out to lunch with one of the instructors. Lisa is also a non-profit consultant and funder who I met through the Unified Non-profits of Greater New Orleans.

As we needed something near campus, we decided on the Fat Hen Grocery. Sitting outside, I could smell the wood smoke for their barbecue and it made me very happy to breathe it in. Right on St. Charles Avenue, you can find it by the fat yellow hen by the front door.

fat hen

I ordered the Little Piggy, a sandwich made with pulled pork shoulder on a toasted bun. The meat was juicy and delicious with a lovely smokiness.

little piggy

There was a collection of sauces to go with it from the Shane-made original to vinegar to Mustard-Q to go with, all in a little cardboard carrying case. I’ll need to go back to try some of the others.


Lisa ordered the smoked chicken salad with some of their award winning bbq chicken. Despite it being a salad, it was rather tasty with avocado, fried onion rings, corn and asparagus among the romaine leaves.

chicken salad

They serve breakfast all day and quite a selection of hamburgers. The wait staff was well informed and friendly. Definitely worth another visit.

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