SoBou – A Spirited Restaurant

SoBou is a new restaurant at the French Quarter W (with a separate entrance on Chartres) that uses every crayon in the box for its taste palette.

We started with some interesting cocktails: I had the Margarita De Lavender which had just a hint of lavender syrup. Not a bad combination at all. Gina tried both the Charbonneau Way with rye, lemon, herbsaint, amere savage as well as the Sazerac. She wasn’t fond of the cognac in the Sazerac but liked the Charbonneau Way. With our drinks we enjoyed a serving of pork cracklin (in the cone in the picture below).

We had small plates to follow the drinks – duck debris and butternut beignets that had just the barest hint of duck and the sticky pork belly made with Steen’s molasses. The pork belly was super tender and the sweet of the sauce with the salty of the pork was a lovely contrast.

We then shared the Pulled Pork Cuban sandwich. It was so tender, you didn’t need teeth to eat that meat! We also has some of their thin fries with pickled okra mayo. If you’re a fan of mayo with your fries or even just a fan of the tartness of ketchup with fries you’ll enjoy that combination.

We ended with the Chocolate Coma Bar – a flourless dark chocolate torte with white chocolate mousse, candied pecans and sea salt caramel covered in milk chocolate. The glass held a shot of chicory coffee shake.

The dessert was a nice mix of textures and, with that much chocolate, it was impossible to go wrong.

The wait staff was attentive and familiar enough with the cocktail and food menu to make intelligent suggestions. She was also kind enough to  bring out more cracklins, when two small pieces from our order hit the floor.

Overall a very enjoyable experience for lunch in the French Quarter. The plethora of small plates and fun drinks make it especially perfect when you don’t have to go back to work right away.

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